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Our Story

DreaMTime is the Aboriginal (basically Australian Origin) understanding of the world, of it’s creation with the belief of it’s great stories and earth; and everything in it was made by the ancestral spirits. We here in the Himalayas also call “Nature spirits” like river, forest and mountain spirits as for Everest Chomolungma, which means “goddess mother of the Earth”, Mount Manaslu meaning “mountain of the spirit” and the list just goes on!
With an intention of connecting people to the nature DMT ADVENTURE started its service on early 2017 focusing on Environment friendly, Sustainable, Adventure and Wellness Tourism throughout Nepal and the Himalayan Region. We are also an active corporate member of Travel Society providing Trekking, Tours and Adventure packages. DMT ADVENTURE (P.) LTD was started with a mission to provide an interactive exploration my making our client’s trip hassle-free creating an ease of a traveling option. Despite being a freshly established company providing its service since March 2017, we have highly experienced and innovative team members with us to deliver quality service who have been working in this sector for quite a long time. As the promoters of responsible travel, we offer big adventures with a small environmental impacts. While safety is core to how we operate, we are also focused on the fun factor and suitably challenging enough for you to reach that great experience of personal achievement while also enjoying the company of like-minded travelers.
Inspired from the concept of DREAMTIME and its Great Stories; We are here to Explore this beautiful creation of the nature of Dreamtime here in the Himalayas.

Responsible Travel Practice

Responsible travel practice is at the heart of every program we offer and drives the majority of our decision making. When you book one of our adventures you are also supporting true sustainability in the protection of local communities, natural environments and wildlife. We have a responsibility as visitors to minimize the impact of our presence thereby protecting sensitivity of delicate environment practicing wherever we can and leave a positive influence and approach towards nature. Nature friendly practice helps us to create genuine and sustainable itineraries often translates to real costs, with a host of responsible travel practices that underpin our prices. By integrating these practices into the destination country operations, we are aiming for a style of exploring our travel journey inducing inner fulfillment to the traveler and also spread positive vibe wherever we travel.

Benefits of Local Tour Operators

We request you to choose Local Travel operators and agents in Nepal. This seems to be a message from around the world, whether its about buying from your local farmers or even booking with a local travel company. Some recent research has seen the unreasonable prices set for adventures in Nepal. To be honest, we find this quite unfair especially seeing from the perspective of a devoted traveler who travels to Nepal seeking inner fulfillment provided by our landscape and nature; and also who wants to travel with a familiar person seeking to understand the authentic lifestyle of Nepal. This will also help us to generate local employment wherever possible. With friendly and efficient customer service, competitive prices, and amazing itineraries for our guests, we believe we can offer you an authentic hospitality more than the big international companies who runs on numbers (although there are some good Eco-friendly international company dedicated towards the benefit of local community too). We have many generous souls in the local tourism industry although there is always an exception. Thus, it’s always a good idea to choose wisely while traveling to Nepal.

Value for Money

Quality services at the best prices make our adventures great value for money. Having essential items like meals, sightseeing and national park fees included in the trip cost allows you to better budget for your big adventure and eliminates the risk of having to carry large sums of money throughout your journey. There are no hidden costs, single travellers don’t pay more and you’ll enjoy many ‘extra touch of hospitality’ that enhance the enjoyment of your experience.

Creativity and Adventure

We’re always looking to provide unique experiences to get you off the hikers friendly foot trails. Enhancing your journey with authentic experiences, genuine cultural exchange and real exploration are the focal points on all of our adventures. Our experienced and innovative teams are always ready to provide you with firsthand knowledge of adventure travel through our gradually developing innovative new programs to give our clients a well-satisfied and memorable journey.

Custom made Itinerary

Privately held group travel is the ultimate way to see the world around you. Let our adventure travel experts give you the taste of a tailor-made itinerary just for you, giving you complete liberty to choose your taste of destinations, trails, sightings and activities. You can adjust an existing itinerary just to suit your needs or start from scratch and design your own adventure even on a daily basis.

Small is Beautiful

Travelling in a small group of no more than 9 people (pax can be changed accordingly by our wellwishing clients) provides and intimate experience where you will make lifelong companionship. On the other hand, our guide and support staff are attentive enough to ensure your travel is supportive and fully immersive.