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Gosaikunda – The Lake of its own Legend

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Declared as a National Park in 1976 with an area of 1710 sq km, Langtang region has much to offer extending parts of Rasuwa, Nuwakot and Sindhupalchowk districts representing Region number 3. The Park encompasses Gosaikunda and other associated lakes which were recognized as wetlands of international importance in 2007 under the Ramsar Convention.

Beautiful scenery passing through the alpine forest
Lake overlooking the Himalayas

This lake is considered as one of the holy and most sacred lake located in Langtang National park of Rasuwa district with an altitude of 4380 meters. About 108 small Lakes are found in this area among them which are Dudh Kunda, Jageshwar Kunda, Saraswati Kunda, Bhairab Kunda, Surya Kunda, Nag Kunda and Ganesh Kunda. Legend has it that Lord Shiva created this high altitude lake when he pierced a glacier with his trident to get a water to quench his thirst after consuming some poison from the incident of Samundra Manthana (the churning of the ocean by Devas and Asuras). Hence, it has been an spiritual significance since than for Hindus, Buddhist and Shamans alike. Thus for these reasons, Gosaikunda is regarded sacred place for shamans including adventure and spiritual seekers.

Riverside in Pairo

Our journey started from Kathmandu with the intention for the travel coverage of Hot Springs in Pairo and new route connecting Langtang and Gosaikunda trek. After 7 hours but tiresome journey in a congested seated jeep which was not a good option and almost two hour hike, we finally reach to the hotspring just to know that the hotspring did not go with the reputation. It was due to the consequences of earthquake and landslide which caused water not to heat anymore; on top of that the small wooden bridge was broken too.

First night stay in Pairo

After our first night stay at Pairo, we move onto Gosaikunda trek elevating upwards passing through the Jhulunge Pool (Suspension Bridge). After two hours hike, we reach to the village of Thulo Syapru for lunch, one of the popular route towards Gosaikunda Trek including Dhunche.

Top of the peak inbetween Pairo and Thulo Syabru

After Thulo Syabru, the new route started passing through Bomba and Mukharka eventually reaching Cholangpati late in the evening around 7PM. As the stay for the night could only be made one of the two villages, either we had to descend downwards or elevate towards Cholangpati. This day was a very tiresome hike passing through dense forests. It was as if we reach to the paradise after seeing the lodge in Cholangpati for our overnight stay.

Early morning view from Cholangpati

With just a quick breakfast, we had our early hike towards the legendary lake passing through small stupas and teahouse like Laurebina, Buddha Mandir and finally reaching Gosaikunda.

Journey before reaching Buddha Mandir from Laurebina

We actually intended to go back to Cholangpati for the overnight stay but to heavy snowfall, we had to stay in Gosaikunda. We were not so optimistic about the weather but it turned out to be fine in the next morning. So, around six in the morning, we went to further elevate to Surya Kunda hiking for one hour. From there lots of other small frozen lake could be seen with beautiful sunshine scenery reflecting the mountains as it was really an awe-inspiring moment.

Surya Kunda in Frozen State

We could not stay there for so long even if we wanted; so we grabbed a cup of tea and went straight down back to Cholang Pati for our early lunch. After continous walk for 6 hours excluding our lunch stoppage passing through singgompa, we were in the small town of springfalls in Dhunche. In the evening, the frozen lakes were only in our memories.

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Note : Travel and Trekking is one of the great healthy habits for your physical, mental and spiritual well being.

Leaving some of the photographic moments!

Sign in a rock still remains till this date
Suspension Bridge (Jhulunge Pul) before reaching Thulo Syabru
Yes, thats the natural springwater for us
One of many stupa on the journey
Great trident with lots of symbolism

Conversation with Sherpa family was indeed engaging
Morning glory after the hectic previous day
Mountain View from Cholangpati
Beautiful view from Laurebina
One can guess now, weather is going to be harsh cold

Ancient Aliens
Legendary spot where Lord Shiva used his trident to get a water
Collection of Clouds before the Snowfall
After the Snowfall
Different angle view
I believe its Bhairav kunda (plz correct me if I am wrong)
On the way to Surya Kunda

Many collections of Frozen Lakes including Saraswati, Ganesh and Surya Kunda

Morning view from top of Gosaikunda
Few lodge operating in Gosaikunda
Thank you for the song oh cute little bird
Padmasambhava(Ringpoche) Stupa in Singgompa
Rhododendron Forest while descending from Chandanbari

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