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Heritage in need of Recognition

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Nepal has many unexplored areas which is yet to be discovered. Our journey started from Biratnagar, the eastern region of Nepal famously known as an Industrial capital city. It is not much of a tourism destination but it was a hiding place back in the ancient days of Lord Krishna and Pandavas. Actually we only had that kind of legendary information regarding Gograha (the planet/home of the cows), ancient name of Biratnagar. By asking numerous local people and frequently misrouted, we finally reached to the ancient palace ruins of King Birat in Budhnagar, part of Biratnagar.

From the area lots of archeological evidence has been excavated

The palace area has been limited to less than one acre from massive five acres of the entire area with courtyard, ancient heritage, ponds and many other places of significance slowly losing its trace.

Currently limited to this surroundings (Goddess Durga temple on the background)

The history of the palace dates back to the ancient times of Lord Krishna, Pandavas and Mahabharata dating back atleast around 3rd Millennium BC; there is enough archeological evidence to support the facts mostly of stone equipment and weapon tools. Despite of many international notable figure’s visit, this area still pleas for recognition.

After Biratnagar, we continue our journey to the north from the city towards Dharan and made our stay in Bhedetar. Also known as ‘Sailung Danda’, valley of hundred hills in Nepali, Bhedetar is actually a small hill station famous for great views seen through the built-in tower.

Night View from Bhedetar

In the morning, we visited the tower but it was under maintenance and closed. So, came to know from the locals that there was another beautiful temple towards the top of the hills. And indeed the view was great from there which took us 35 minutes’ walk from the hotel area. As we were short of time, we went back to Dharan, went to Bijaypur dada famous for great views where Charkoshe Jhadi, the only rainforest of Nepal can also be seen (thought the forest area is deteriorating). After catching midday bus, we moved towards the west staying overnight in Sindhuli, another emerging city of historical and tourism importance.

Early morning after our breakfast and few sightseeing around the area, we moved towards the ancient fortress of Sindhuli Gadhi famous for the battle between the then Gorkha Army and the British troop headed by Captain Kinloch around 1767 A.D.

Memory from the past

This act was Nepal’s glory in International arena when the leaders knew the purpose of authentic leadership and everybody coordinated as a team. The Fort still pleas in search of recognition although there is a gradual increase in domestic tourism.

Leaving some of the photographic moments ! (The weather was not much clear though around some areas)

Much similarity with the Ramagrama Stupa
Great privilege to stand beside king Birat palace which dates back to the history of lord krishna and pandavas
Archeological evidence limited to the personal preservation
Conch Shell Monuments inside the park in Bhedetar
View from the Pathivara goddess Temple in Bhedetar
City of Dharan overlooking from Bhedetar
Tipless Bamboo trees in Budhasubba where the string is binded in search of true love
Budhasubba temple dedicated for devotees and true lovers alike
Is it a Stairway to Heaven or maybe it’s a stairway to fort which is for sure
Large stone beside some construction raw materials for the maintenance of the area
Yes it is not properly conserved
The weather is mostly misty here where the actual palace existed here in SindhuliGadi

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